Chad Callaghan, Screenwriter • Ghostwriter • Wordslinger



who breaks the fourth wall of your device's screen.



The Oscars have been my Super Bowl,

the cinema my church, for as long as

I can recall. Stories, stories,

always the stories. The narratives

that perpetually piped out of the

projectors’ flicker, the VCRs’ kindly

rewinded tape and, yes, the laser

discs’… um, laserlicity made up my



Not that I’m complaining. As au pairs

go, one could do a lot worse than

Hitchcock. As religious leaders go,

Saint Capra delivered a homina homina

homily. As teachers go, Mister Wilder

lit the proverbial literary spark in

me... And as father figures go, Bogart

taught me the ropes like a son of a



Here, have a looksee at some my many

“foster parents”. Each one influenced

the who I became... 


Callaghan displays a list of his favorite films to THE POTENTAL CLIENT aka "YOU" (a lovely character, wise beyond their years).


Oh! I almost forgot - The tutor

who kept me from slipping in my

my Narrative Arts studies...


He shares another display: